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I'm fortunate that the apartments I live in, while independent living, has a service coordinator who really knows how to get some services coordinated. One of the recent ones is that a chiropractor started coming here. Yesterday was the day for him to be here. So I got my shoulder, neck, and lower back adjusted. Last night was the best sleep I've had in a long time: well, aside from when I was in Toledo visiting Jim. I see him next week for another adjustment.

Today I decided to make myself a pot of coffee when I got up. That's something I haven't done in a while, I've usually just been having a cup that's already made in the community room here. But, this morning I didn't want to wait. I put the water in the coffeemaker, and then couldn't find the canister of coffee. I wandered all over the apartment looking for the coffee. One would think I wouldn't mislocate objects as readily in a smaller living space, but that's one talent I still retain even here. I even looked in the bathroom as I'm prone to wandering with an object in my hand from one location to the next.

Half an hour later, I gave up. I spied a sealed box of Earl Grey tea beside the coffeemaker and decided to go ahead and use the machine sans java to make hot water for tea.

I went into the den to sit down at the computer while the water was heating, and there on the table that sits by my desk was the bright red canister of Folger's Black Silk. If it were a snake, it would have bit me. How I did not see it the three previous searches in the den, I do not know. I guess I was just meant to have tea this morning. But looking back, it was pretty funny.

Then my morning brightened when Jim from Toledo called me. *shmoopy grin*

Today was the day for Jeanne, the Nurse Practitioner, to come in. Saw her because I was concerned about my edema - a problem I've been having since last October when I was put on Lasix, but it appears to be going through a spell where it's worse. She measured me and I've gained 2" around each leg again and 3" around my waist since I saw her 4 weeks ago, and my blood pressure was up - and, most disturbingly, way up from where it was yesterday when the chiropractor took it - so she called the pharmacist to change my dosing of the Lasix and give me a more flexible script for it so that I could take an additional dose for a while during times like this, and she put through a call to my cardiologist's office to tell them, "Yo! Your patient's having some serious symptoms here!" Okay, those were not her exact words, of course, but that was definitely the intent.

I got called back a few minutes later by the cardiologist's nurse, who basically told me to do what we were already planning on doing. Take an additional dose of Lasix for the next 5 days and see how that does me. Does he want to see me sooner? No, just come at my regular appointment. When is that? She checked my records to see it wasn't until May.

"I thought it was in March," I said.

"So did I," she replied.

"Tell you what, call us back after the 5 days and let us know how you are doing."

In retrospect, I wish I'd stood up for myself more there and said, "Don't you think he should see me sooner?" But, we'll see how this plays out.

Then I took the bus to Walmart to pick up my new glasses. I went a week ago and had an eye exam and picked out new frames to replace my broken ones. I broke them by... um... laying on them when I was in Toledo in December. Last week I made sure to check the sizing on the frames I tried on, so I knew exactly what I chose. What came in today, however, was same or similar style, but a larger size. The temples were too long to start, but in width they also felt looser on my face. I expressed my displeasure politely and decided not to settle for them bending the ear pieces. In the end he let me pick another set of frames that better fit my face and send them back to the lab.

I left their optical department satisfied with both the results and my handling of the situation. One out of two on standing up for myself today and handling both situations without getting flustered or letting it ruin my mood: I'll take it.

Decided to go ahead and get some groceries while I was there anyway. Good stuff mostly from the produce section. Not a lot, just what I could carry in the bag on the back of my chair. One lap full. :) This included a box of clementines. Satisfies my sweet tooth and is good for me.

Got home and one of my neighbors told me my Lasix was delivered, and which neighbor took delivery of it for me so I wouldn't have to wait on them to make a second attempt. That's one of the good things about living in a community like this. Put away groceries, retrieved my meds, and back to my apartment again where I finally made coffee.

I got an email from the Development Director at The Ability Center of Greater Toledo this afteroon. Assistance Dogs for Independent Living is partnered with The Ability Center, Toledo's Center for Independent Living, and I had written to Jenny, who is my contact with ADAI, asking her for ideas for fundraising and gaining sponsorships to cover at least part of the cost of my dog. I only have to pay for the dog's equipment, when I get her (or him but, honestly, I am hoping for a female). Jenny CC'd the Ability Center's Development Director and Program Director. And the former wasted no time getting back to me. I wish that the Center for Independent Living here were as efficient. Anyhow, a few swift emails back and forth, and I have an appointment with her for a phone consult on the fundraising matter on Monday at 10:30. AM.

Made an Egg Stuffed Baked Potato for dinner. Learned I need to watch my time closer with this as the yolk was firmer than what I would have liked, but when I cut it up all together on my plate it still tasted good. I know better for next time. The innards of the potato that I scooped out will be used as part of my breakfast tomorrow morning.

So, all in all, today has been a good, productive, satisfying day. Now I am going to finish up a few things online, do my dishes, and then call it a night.

Darn, posting here again feels good. I think I'll make a habit of this. :)

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