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I had a wonderful trip to Toledo. Jim was a wonderful host and we got along great. I think of him and I can't help but smile, if that tells you anything.

Wednesday was a day of very little sleep. I was up by 1:30 AM and at the bus station well before my 5:20 AM bus left. Since I'd secured the ADA passenger seat when I made my reservation, I was the first one loaded both coming and going. Rode in my wheelchair the whole way. Jim picked me up, and then we went to the art museum. I must say, it's an impressive museum they have in Toledo. In the evening we went to the Toledo Zoo for the Lights Before Christmas.

My interview was Thursday. Everyone I met at The Ability Center and ADAI was so nice. And Jenny, the Client Services Director, kept saying words like "Perfect!" and "Wonderful!" to the answers I gave. She seemed especially happy that I have nothing that would conflict as far as my availability at the last minute should a dog come available sooner than expected (Currently the waiting list is 18-24 months), say if someone drops off the list or returns the dog for some reason like inability to bond or too much work for them.

While I was there, they were evaluating a couple of puppies, and decided they wanted both of them. I must say, they were wonderful little furballs: black labs, still fat and fuzzy, and already trained so that their paws and mouths could be handled without a problem. I also met the two dogs that they use for demonstrations, Clover and Tyler. Both black Labs as well, Tyler was the one they had work with me to see how I did with the dogs. They figured out which kind of clicker I was better able to use, and saw that I was able to handle buckling the dog's vest and grooming him. I was also able to give the dog commands and him respond to me.

Jenny will be out here to Indianapolis on January 4th for my home visit. She will also be doing a presentation about the dogs at my apartment building right afterward, around 12:30.

So, the process has begun, things are happening, and I'm so excited! I am really hoping and praying that this means that they are going to accept me and match me up with a dog.
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