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Birthdate:Nov 14
Location:Indiana, United States of America
Website:My Amazon Wishlist
About Me

Favorite Color: Varies. (Rainbow! LOL), though I usually prefer the jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, garnet red, deep amethyst purple. Also fond of Townportal Blue(for all you Diablo fans!) and forest green.

Religion: Pagan

Sign: Scorpio (See chart below)

Place of birth: Alexandria, Virginia

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair: thick, reddish brown with a touch of silver, hangs to the middle of my back.

Eyes: Two. ;) Brown-green hazel.

Married?: Divorced

Children: Two. One of each flavor. Both from my first marriage. Tamara is 27 and estranged from me: she's married and had a baby girl that I don't get to see. And Robert is 24 years old and has been my biggest blessing this past year

Pets: Three All feline. Magick's the old man, he's 13 years old. The other two are Sophie and Timmy, both are about 3 years old.

Place of Residence: Longacre Mobile Home Park, on the south side of Indy.

Special talents: Well, I can crochet, I can write, and I can make chainmail. I also give good hugs.

Important information about me: I have Asperger's Syndrome. This is a neurological issue which affects personality, social, and communication skills - both giving and receiving - among other things (such as executive functioning skills - which affects the ability to sort, organize, prioritize, evaluate, and make decisions). It's literally being socially retarded and mind blind: I cannot interpret a person's state of mind, emotion, or intent, or "read between the lines". Thus, I am not good at social situations, though I do my best and do want friends, and am often prone to saying the wrong thing, misunderstanding other people's intent or meaning, and having my own intent or meaning misunderstood. (Keeper has learned to ask me for more clarification before taking offense to anything I say, and that's generally what we advise anyone who is friends with me, as well as not to read between the lines for hidden meanings with me.) Most of the time I feel like some alien (or elf as the case may be) trying to figure out the human race as a result. Another aspect of the Asperger's is the fact that I'm face blind, so it may take me forever to learn people's names, and don't be offended if I don't recognize you outside of a given setting, or if you change something drastically about your appearance. Also, I'm as blunt as a spoon and as subtle as a turd in a punch bowl, and that also goes with the territory.

Other disorders: I also have a Spino-Cerebellar ataxia of some variety. It was thought to be Friedreich's Ataxia, but that's been disproved. Earlier posts in this journal refer to it as my Mystery Neuro Disease, then it had a name, and now I'm back to the WTF Disease. Still, it remains a truth that this is a progressive neuromuscular condition. As of this writing, I'm still walking. So that's a blessing. As well, I have Crohn's Disease.

Hobbies: When I get the whim: Crochet, cross stitch, AD&D, Collecting - used to avidly collect Beanie Babies, but became more selective after the 250'th Beanie.

I also do interactive writing in World Weavers in the group called DragonLands. DragonLands, especially WhiteRiver Warren where I write, is looking for some fresh meat... I mean writers... so if interested, go to the DragonLands.

I play City of Heroes and City of Villains avidly. My level 50 is Onyx Faechilde on Guardian Server.

I also am addicted to cruising Amazon.Com and updating my wishlist with lots of things I'll probably never be able to buy.

Some of my favorite things: Elves, dragons, chocolate, shiny objects, tattoos, barbarians, wolves, cats, dogs, Lion Brand Homespun yarn, soft fabric, smelly good baths

Favorite shows: Unknown at present since we are doing without Cable.

Totem: Only one I know of is Wolf, unless Dragon is also a totem in it's own way.

Other factoids about me: I'm first generation American. My mother, father, and brother (all of the above deceased) were all born in the Netherlands. I was the unexpected child, the 2nd pregnancy that my parents had given up on ever having until it happened, thus there was 11 years difference between my brother and myself and I was practically an only child.

Until my second husband, Keeper, left me, I had never really been on my own. I left my parents and moved in with Alan (1st husband, very abusive in all ways, and the worst mistake I made in my life) after just two weeks on my own, and Keeper officially moved in the day after Alan moved out. And I've never really held down a job for any length of time... I don't even have enough time working to collect Social Security in any form. So I'm on SSI, and looking for work.

And, this year, I'll be 50 years old!

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Marriage is love.

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